Friday, June 3, 2016

2017 Lincoln Continental From Dealers Serving Alpharetta, GA: A Competitive And Luxurious Sedan

Lincoln is reviving a legendary name, with the luxurious Continental sedan set to get a new 2017 version. Compared to its 2002 predecessor, the 2017 model is more refined, modern and feature rich, making it more distinctive than it has ever been.

Design and Styling

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is undeniably designed for car enthusiasts who take audio quality seriously. It has a staggering 19 optimally placed speakers and three different listening modes. But that’s not the only amazing feature you’ll find in the Continental’s interior.

Seamlessness is the name of the game when you get inside of the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The detail of the wooden console is a center of attention in the car. It also boasts of a Scotland’s Bridge of Weir Deepsoft leather upholstery, which is one of the most popular brands of luxurious automotive upholstering.

Comfort On The Road

Luxury becomes meaningless when ride comfort is compromised, but that’s not the case in the Continental. Lincoln calls the Continental’s driver seat the ‘Perfect Position Seat’ because of its customizability. With 30 different positions, Lincoln promises that you’ll get find the right way to get as comfortable as possible, even when you need to go on those long drives.

Additionally, Lincoln offers a Rear-Seat Amenities package that comes with heating/cooling capabilities, lumbar support, recline ability and enough space for your passengers’ legs. There is also an independent thigh extensions for added comfort.

Lincoln is now accepting orders for the 2017 Lincoln Continental, and the company expects to roll out this model in the Fall of 2016. To learn more of how you can get your hands in this beautiful, luxurious sedan, contact Lincoln dealers around Alpharetta, GA.

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