Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Lincoln Navigator from Athens, GA Nearby Dealers: Luxury Machine

Make the most out of every journey on the road, and upgrade your style with a Lincoln Navigator. This well-crafted machine bring the essence of luxury, and is ideal for individuals who need that extra space for a larger family. Whether it’s heading to the club or off to the grocery store, this utility vehicle can handle that and more.

Extra Space

The 2016 Navigator is a vehicle designed for comfort, which is why it is the perfect ride for long-distance trips with the family. It features third-row leg room that comes in handy when a lot of people are jammed into the SUV. Even more, the third-row seating folds down and becomes completely flat. This allows you to store more luggage on the inside, giving you a peace of mind while traveling. Like all 2016 models, it has a one-touch design. With a push of a button, the seats automatically fold down.

Efficient Engine

What’s really going to make you smile, especially your checkbook, is the Lincoln Navigator’s efficient twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost engine. Not only does this engine pack a punch in terms of torque, but it also gets great gas mileage despite its size. That means you spend more time enjoying the ride and less time worrying about your fuel expense.

Make the right choice and try out this sophisticated machine by going down to Lincoln dealers serving Athens, GA. Style, comfort, and power are well within your reach with the impressive Navigator. Whether it’s from a distance or up close, this vehicle certainly leaves a lasting impression.

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