Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Lincoln MKC from Alpharetta, GA Nearby Dealers: Safe and Sophisticated

There is really just one word to describe the 2016 Lincoln MKC, that word is exquisite. Built to be both strong and sophisticated, the MKC is for the SUV lover with a touch of class and a desire to feel safe in their car.

Peace and Quiet

Designed to give you “peaceful space,” the Lincoln MKC has a feature that senses your approach and literally lights up to welcome you. The door handles and exterior lights glow and an illuminated Lincoln mat is placed on the floor for you. Once inside, you can select an ambient hue to mirror how you are feeling. Active noise control keeps most of the outside noise out, so you can enjoy the ride without anything disturbing you.


The MKC does not compromise on safety. Not only does it have anti-lock brakes that improve the vehicle’s ability to turn while braking, it also has a stability control feature that helps prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle during those critical moments.

Better yet, there is no shortage of airbags in the 2016 MKC. Front, side, overhead and knee airbags provide enough cushion to keep passengers safe during impact and the pretensioners in the seat belts hold you in place during a collision. Another fantastic feature is the alert system in the car that anticipates and detects unwanted intrusion. This feature also stops the engine from starting when it detects that the key is not an original.

If this sounds like your kind of car, find a Lincoln dealer serving Alpharetta, GA and take the MKC for a spin to help you make up your mind.

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